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Why would you pay someone else to declutter your house?

Updated: Feb 5, 2022

If my toilet was broken, I would call a plumber. If I needed help with my financial affairs, I would contact my accountant. If I needed advice on a legal problem, I would speak to a solicitor.

I would call these people because I know they have the skills and expertise to help me, and I would feel confident that they could do the job properly and professionally.

Sure, I could probably go on YouTube and find a video showing me how to repair my toilet, or how to do my accounts, but it would take me time to do this and I still wouldn’t be able to do the job as quickly, or as well, as the professionals.

In much the same way, more and more people are choosing to pay professional organisers such as New Leaves, to come into their homes and help them with their decluttering or home organising projects.

We’ve been decluttering professionally since 2015 and we know that decluttering is not always easy. First, there is the process of deciding what to keep and what to let go of. Once you start pulling things out of cupboards and from under beds it can seem quite overwhelming! Then there is the challenge of knowing what to do with all the stuff once you’ve sorted it. And finally, there is the art of organising everything so that your home looks and feels its best.

In much the same way as fixing that toilet, yes of course you “could” probably do it yourself, but we can help you to achieve great results much more quickly and easily than you could do alone.

In the time we’ve been in business we have tackled a great many projects in all sorts of different homes and for all sorts of different clients. To be honest there’s not much we haven’t seen!

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