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Why would you pay someone else to declutter your house?

Updated: Feb 5, 2022

If my toilet was broken, I would call a plumber. If I needed help with my financial affairs, I would contact my accountant. If I needed advice on a legal problem, I would speak to a solicitor.

I would call these people because I know they have the skills and expertise to help me, and I would feel confident that they could do the job properly and professionally.

Sure, I could probably go on YouTube and find a video showing me how to repair my toilet, or how to do my accounts, but it would take me time to do this and I still wouldn’t be able to do the job as quickly, or as well, as the professionals.

In much the same way, more and more people are choosing to pay professional organisers such as New Leaves, to come into their homes and help them with their decluttering or home organising projects.

We’ve been decluttering professionally since 2015 and we know that decluttering is not always easy. First, there is the process of deciding what to keep and what to let go of. Once you start pulling things out of cupboards and from under beds it can seem quite overwhelming! Then there is the challenge of knowing what to do with all the stuff once you’ve sorted it. And finally, there is the art of organising everything so that your home looks and feels its best.

In much the same way as fixing that toilet, yes of course you “could” probably do it yourself, but we can help you to achieve great results much more quickly and easily than you could do alone.

In the time we’ve been in business we have tackled a great many projects in all sorts of different homes and for all sorts of different clients. To be honest there’s not much we haven’t seen!

Because we are experienced, and because we have done this sort of work many times, we can quickly and easily assess a situation and see what needs to be done. We can make suggestions for how things could be improved, and we can often come up with creative ideas that you may not even have thought of.

We can offer you practical advice and information about things like selling your unwanted items, or where to donate them, what can be recycled and what can’t, and so on. We will even take your donations to the charity shop for you if you like.

Because there are two of us, we can work much more quickly than you could manage alone, so you can see tangible results in as little as one session.

Decluttering can be hard work, both mentally and physically. Having us there to share the load means you can get the job done more quickly and without getting overwhelmed, or bogged down in the detail. So instead of having to spend your entire weekend or taking several days off work to declutter, we could get it done in just a session or two.

And because we are used to decluttering, we don’t tend to get discouraged when things look worse before they look better – as they often do! We know that this is just part of the process and that in only a short while everything will be tidy and organised.

Perhaps the biggest benefit for you in working with us is that we bring an objective viewpoint. When you’re decluttering your own house and your belongings, emotions can come into play. This can make it more difficult to make decisions rationally.

Because we don’t have the same level of attachment to your belongings as you do, we can help you make those difficult decisions about what to keep and what to let go of more objectively. While the final decision is always yours, many of our clients tell us that they have found this a very useful part of the process.

We know that the idea of inviting people into your personal space can be difficult and we understand that. We promise to work in partnership with you and will never make you throw anything away or do anything you are not happy with (although we will give you some gentle encouragement if that’s what’s needed!)

If you have a decluttering project that you’ve been meaning to work on for ages, why not get in touch with us. You can put some time in our diary for us to call you to discuss what you are looking for, and we can even do a Zoom or FaceTime virtual tour of your home to give you some initial ideas. We’re sure that once you take the plunge you will feel so happy that you did.

We look forward to speaking to you

Sue & Claire

Sue Boatman and Claire Furner run New Leaves, a professional decluttering and home staging company based in the Cotswolds.

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