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Could Decluttering Save You Money?

Updated: Aug 8, 2023

If you're anything like us, I'm sure you will have noticed just how expensive everything is getting!

And in these difficult times, it's obviously important to look at how you are spending your money, and to find ways to economise and maybe even save.

It may seem counterintuitive to think that getting rid of things could actually be a great way to save you money. After all, that stuff you own cost you a lot to acquire in the first place, right?

Well, we'd like to suggest that in fact, decluttering is actually a great way to help you save money.

Here are just a few of the ways that decluttering could be a great investment:

No more duplication or unnecessary purchases

You would be amazed how many of our clients have multiples of the same item simply because they couldn't find what they already owned - from children's swimming clothes to lawnmowers to spare pillows, sometimes it was just simpler and easier to buy a new one than to track down the one they already had!

Decluttering and organising mean you know exactly what you own, and where to find it. No more duplication.

No more food waste

Buying and storing too much food leads to unnecessary waste. Out of date food doesn't taste good and may even be harmful to your health. It also can attract pests if not stored properly.

So while it can be a great idea to keep a few spare tins in, it's not always such a great idea to buy in bulk, especially if you then can't store it in a way that makes it easy for you to see what you have.

We often find clients have multiple items of food that they never get around to using and then ends up going out of date. Those BOGOFs are not such a bargain if the food that is bought ends up in the bin!

Decluttering and organising your kitchen, fridge and pantry can really help with food planning and shopping, stops you buying more of what you already have, and cuts down on waste.

No more missed appointments or unpaid bills

Having piles of unsorted or disorganised paperwork around the house can cost you both time and money. Unopened mail can lead to missed payments which then ends up costing you more in interest and could even affect your credit record. Missing important appointments can be a waste of both yours and other people's time.

And on a more positive note, you could end up missing out on more interesting pieces of news like sales or special offers!

Again, spending some time decluttering and sorting all your paperwork can be a great investment. Setting up a simple way of dealing with incoming mail and having an easy to manage home filing system.

Less room needed to store it all

Consider the cost of the physical space needed to store all your stuff. In real estate terms how expensive is it to have a four bedroomed house instead of two? How much does that garage cost you? that shed, that loft?

And if you pay money to store your clutter in a storage unit or similar, just think of how much that must be costing you over the years. You could probably have bought it several times over with what it has cost you to store it!

Compared to the cost of moving house, a good declutter could create lots of useable space in your home, which you could use as a home office or extra bedroom.

You could even take in a lodger, rent out a room on Airbnb, or consider downsizing to a smaller and less expensive house.

Make money from decluttering

If money is tight, decluttering can be a good way to make a few pounds. From car boot sales, to selling online, there are some things that will always sell well - for example, good quality hardly worn clothing.

And of course we often find that the process of decluttering can unearth some valuable suprises, from missing jewellery to unused gift vouchers!

When working with clients, we are always happy to suggest different ways of selling unwanted items, and some of our clients have had great success at doing this.

However - this one comes with an important caveat! Selling things takes time, and involves both physical and mental effort. We have often come across clients who fully intend to sell something but simply never manage to get around to it.

Also, do bear in mind that the second hand value of things like books, furniture, tools etc is rarely anywhere near what they cost to buy new.

If you think that selling is something that is going to be difficult for you, we strongly encourage you to consider whether you might be better off just donating them to a charity or within the community. While you may not make any money this way, you will gain space and also more importantly, peace of mind and mental clarity.

No more impulse buys

One thing we do notice is that the process of decluttering can lead to a mental shift. It can actually be quite a sobering process to realise how much you have been spending over the years on things like books, magazines, clothes, shoes - especially if those things have never been used or worn.

It can often be the impetus towards spending more intentionally, by focusing on things you really need rather than buying on impulse.

In fact decluttering can often be part of a bigger mindset shift towards a more sustainable lifestyle, one that is less disposable and less wasteful, and ultimately therefore much more affordable.

Work with us and save

As professional organisers, the process of decluttering is one that we are very familiar with. We are able to achieve results much more quickly and effectively than you might be able to do by yourself. We'll even drop off a load of donations at the charity shop for you.

Consider how much your time and money is worth. How much do you value your own free time? And how much does it cost you to take time off work?

A session or two with us could really help move you forward in a significant way and ultimately save you time, stress and money.

If you'd like an informal chat about how we could help, do contact us and we will set up a time. We're also happy to pop by and meet you in person.

Best wishes,

Claire & Sue

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