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The Cotswolds is a popular tourist destination that attracts visitors year-round. Unsurprisingly, there is a thriving holiday let market in this area. 


For holiday let owners and investors, the challenge is how to ensure your property stands out from the crowd so that you maximise your bookings and revenue all year round.   This can be even more of a challenge if you do not live in the local area or if your holiday let business is a second source of income for you. 

We can style and stage your property to look its very best, helping you achieve maximum occupancy right from the start and keeping you at the top of the listings. 

Styling and Staging for Your Perfect Holiday Home in the Cotswolds 

If you own or run holiday homes, serviced accommodation or Airbnbs, you will be keen to ensure that you achieve maximum occupancy and a high nightly rate. They key to this is how your property looks and appeals to potential guests. 

In today's competitive market,  holidaymakers 
are increasingly looking for a stylish, super comfortable place to stay. It's not just about somewhere to sleep, it's about a lifestyle - think boutique hotel, luxurious surroundings, and eye-catching photography. 

And for business travellers too, presentation and comfort are all important, somewhere to relax after work in well equipped and relaxing surroundings. 

If you have decided to purchase a property in the Cotswolds to run as serviced accommodation (Airbnb, or holiday let) we can help you get it up and running quickly so that you can start to take bookings as soon as possible.

Our services are bespoke - we don't just provide a basic pack of boring "catalogue" furniture, we design a scheme that brings out the best in your individual property. This includes not only furniture but also carefully chosen artwork, accessories, kitchenware and everything you need to get the property ready for your guests.  


Working with your chosen letting agent, we can ensure the booking site photos look amazing and inviting. 

We can help with any or all of the following according to your needs and budget: 

Holiday Home Setup Service 

This service is ideal for landlords who want a "hands off" approach to setting up your holiday home, either because you have purchased an empty property with a view to renting it out, or because you live outside of the area. 


We can work within your budget to manage everything from start to finish, from the date of purchase right up to welcoming your first guest. Services can include any or all of the following:  

  • Design conceptualisation, including colour schemes, furnishings and decor 

  • Sourcing and purchasing furniture and accessories 

  • Obtaining quotes from gardeners, decorators and other trades

  • Project managing any renovation or redecorating works 

  • Sourcing and purchasing all inventory items (kitchenware, bedding etc) 

  • Setting up the holiday home, placing furniture, artwork, accessories etc 

  • Working with photographers and letting agents to produce your marketing materials 

Holiday Home Restyle and Refresh 

If you already run or have purchased an established holiday let, we can help you refresh the styling and presentation to ensure it remains on trend and continues to attract attention from prospective guests.


We are also happy to work with second home owners with a property in need of updating. 


We can work with your existing furniture and accessories to declutter, organise and present your holiday home at its' best. This may include rearranging rooms, light touch redecorating and styling, as well as updating of accessories and furnishings. 

Because we bring a "fresh eye", you will be surprised what can often be done with what you already own. However where we feel that your holiday home would benefit from the addition of specific decorative items or accessories we can recommend some cost effective solutions for you. 

If we feel that additional work is needed such as redecoration of any rooms, we will let you know and can recommend tradesmen who can complete these works for you. 

Find Out More 

If you would like to find out more about our holiday home styling and staging services, the best way forward is to contact us and book some time in our diary for a free consultation call. 


We can thoroughly explore your goals and objectives and clarify your budget and timescales. This will then enable us to provide you with a detailed proposal and quotation. 

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