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How to Enhance your Qi with Decluttering

So the New Year festivities are over and done with and the Christmas decorations are packed away, the kids are back at school and we’re back at work. January days are still chilly and dark, and it feels a long time until payday. It’s no surprise many of us feel a bit “meh” at this time of year.


So if you’re feeling a bit flat and lacking in energy, it could be time to consider your Qi. “Consider my what?” we hear you ask?


Well don’t worry we haven’t lost the plot – put simply, Qi is energy. If your new year energy is lacking or you need a boost, read on to find out what Qi is and how it relates to decluttering. Qi (pronounced “chee”) is the ancient Chinese concept of life force or energy. Qi is present in everything, in nature, the environment, in animals, and in human beings. Qi is responsible for vitality, growth, and maintaining life.


In Chinese philosophy, the balance and flow of Qi within the body and the environment are crucial for health and well-being. When Qi is balanced and flows smoothly, it promotes good health, while blockages or imbalances can lead to illness or discomfort.


So Qi is the very essence of life, and it brings health, balance, and vitality. Getting your Qi flowing can help you feel more lively, energised, and positive.

Chinese symbol for Qi or energy
Chinese symbol Qi


If you think about your own personal supply of Qi or energy, you can probably identify things that deplete it, such as stress, too little sleep, or overeating. You can probably also identify things which enhance your energy, such as eating good food, getting a good nights sleep, or doing things you enjoy.


The home you live in also has it’s own Qi or energy – it’s something you notice when you walk into a house, even if you are not consciously aware of it. It’s not so much about how it looks, but about how it makes you feel. Does it feel calming, or chaotic? Does it depress you, or uplift you?


One thing we have come to be very aware of over the years we have been decluttering and organising is the close relationship between the energy or feel of people’s home environments and the mental energy of the occupants.


If your home is cluttered or chaotic, the chances are that your mind and energy is cluttered and chaotic too. If your home is stark and unwelcoming, it could be that you find it hard to relax. If your home has looked the same way for 20 years and nothing in it has altered in that time, maybe you feel stuck in some way or find it hard to embrace change.

Surprisingly, the principles of decluttering are closely intertwined with the concept of Qi. Here's how:

Qi flows through spaces just like wind or water flows through the natural environment. When a home has too much clutter, this flow is blocked, creating stagnant energy. By decluttering, you clear these blockages, allowing Qi to move freely, fostering a sense of vitality and balance. Decluttering is not just about tidying up or cleaning, it's a conscious effort to create an environment that feels harmonious, and productive. We often find that following a decluttering session, our clients feel energised and purposeful – they feel that something has changed in themselves, and often delight in telling us about all the the things they have achieved between our visits. It’s literally like a weight off their mind.

However, balancing your Qi is not all about increasing energy, sometimes it can be about creating a sense of calmness. Just as Qi can be blocked, it can also be depleted. Rest and tranquillity are also important, as too much chaos or disruption in the home can be disturbing. Life events such as moving home or carrying out renovations can be stressful and leave you feeling “strung out” as if your energy has all been used up. In addition to decluttering therefore we also think about how to organise the home for stress-free living, finding places for everything, and creating a sense of order and calm. This is soothing and restorative as it reduces everyday hassles and just makes life simpler and easier. Our clients often tell us that when they feel more organised, they feel calmer and less anxious. In addition to decluttering and organising there is a third element, the art of feng shui – creating an environment which feels comforting and harmonious. Some of you may be aware that Claire spent 8 years living and working in Singapore and both of her daughters were born there. During this time she developed a great respect for the Chinese art of feng shui which is widely used in architecture, urban planning, and interior design.


While we are not formally trained in the technique, which can take years to master, we do naturally incorporate feng sui principles in our work to help create a feeling of harmony and balance in the home.


How a room is set up can either enhance or deplete Qi – for example the placement of furniture is particularly important in how the energy of a room feels as well as how it looks. Does it flow? Is it balanced? So alongside our decluttering and organising services we also love to help our clients make the most of their homes. This can range from planning room layouts and furnishing to helping with colour schemes and décor.


We can also help with styling your home, using art work and accessories to make a room look balanced and appealing. Clients are often surprised at how much we can achieve using items they already have, or suggesting some simple changes which can make a big difference.


Interestingly, the 10th of February which is coming soon will herald the start of a new Lunar New Year in the Chinese calendar and we will be moving into the Year of the Dragon. Dragon energy is dynamic and forward thinking, associated with change and transformation. So 2024 could be a great year to focus on achieving some big goals. Could this include making some significant changes to your home environment?


If you would like our help in transforming your home for 2024, do give us a call for a free, no obligation chat. Whether you are moving house, downsizing, renovating, or just wanting to look afresh at your living space, we would be happy to help.


Best wishes


Claire & Sue

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No hesitation in recommending New Leaves for those dealing with moving as well as people looking to live more comfortably and maximise space, storage and style in their current home. Claire and Sue are true professionals that go to great lengths to make a real difference. I have them on speed dial as there is always a need for their help.

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