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Organized Kitchen Cabinet


Too much stuff?
Overwhelmed by the clutter?
Nowhere to store things?

Our decluttering service can help you cut through the clutter and create a calmer and more organised home. 

Decluttering Services in Cheltenham and the Cotswolds 

Decluttering is not just about having a tidy home. It's all about making the most of the space that you have. 


By removing clutter and reorganising your home we can help you transform it into a calm and relaxing place to live. 

Our decluttering service is always based around you and your family. Decluttering is not done "to" you but "with" you and you will be closely involved at every step of the way, working with us as part of a team. 

We offer our decluttering services to clients in and around the Cotswolds, including Cheltenham, Gloucester and surrounding villages. 

As professional declutterers, we can declutter and sort pretty much anything including: 


  • Kitchen cupboards

  • Living rooms

  • Home offices

  • Bedrooms

  • Wardrobes

  • Laundry and utility rooms

  • Children's bedrooms

  • Guest rooms

  • Garages and Lofts


We can tackle these projects on a room by room basis, or just one area at a time.  If you prefer we can even take on a whole house!


If you are moving house we can help you declutter and sort before the move as well as organise your new home afterwards.  

Decluttering doesn't mean that you need to live in an empty or minimalist house - so whether you live in a cosy country cottage, a Cotswold mansion, or a one bedroomed flat, we are happy to work with you and in a way that suits your lifestyle. 

It's also worth mentioning that although our clients often want let go of things they no longer need, decluttering does not just mean throwing things away. We can help and advise with selling, recycling, or donating unwanted items. We can also help you sort, pack and store those treasured belongings that you choose to hang onto.

Of course, our decluttering service is only part of the story, and we can also help you style your home to make the most of the space and create a welcoming environment.


If you have been bereaved or have taken on responsibility for house clearance, we can help with that too sensitively and practically. 

Find Out More 

The best way forward is to contact us and let us know more about what you are looking for. 


We're always very happy to have a chat over the phone to discuss your needs. If you're local to us we're usually able to pop in and have a look at what needs doing so that we can give you an idea of how much time it is likely to take.


You might also like to take a look at our Frequently Asked Questions

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