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If you have taken on responsibility for a house clearance, it can be a difficult time, especially if you have also been bereaved. Sorting through the belongings of a loved one and working out what to do with them can be a challenge, especially  when you are also taking care of legal matters, managing finances, and of course your own work, family and other responsibilities. We can help you with this in a caring and practical way. 

House Clearance in Cheltenham and the Cotswolds 

We understand how challenging it can be to have to sort through a house full of someone else's belongings, either following a bereavement or perhaps because they have been taken into hospital or moved into a nursing home.


It can be especially difficult having to organise this logistical task at a time when you may also be feeling emotional. 

With our many years of decluttering experience we can help you manage this process in a methodical and respectful way, saving you time, money, and above all, stress. 

We offer house clearance with a difference. Our value add is in helping you to organise and sort your loved one's belongings so that they may be kept, sold, donated, or recycled.


If the property is to be sold or rented we can also help with getting it ready for this to happen. 

What we don't do is turn up with a large van and empty out the property overnight, nor do we buy any of the items in the property from you or sell them on for a profit.


We are very happy to take donations to a charity shop for you, or to find local charitable organisations who may be interested in collecting any of the unwanted items. 

Some of the other ways we can help: 

Sorting and organising personal effects 

Packing up items to be put into storage or kept by the family 

Sorting and organising personal paperwork and filing 

Arranging for potentially saleable items to be valued 

Liasing with auction houses or third party sellers on your behalf 

Organising the removal/relocation of any larger items of furniture

Arranging for unwanted items to be collected for charity or taken for recycling 

Making arrangements for the property to be cleaned and/or decorated 

"Staging" the house ready for sale or rental 

Note - if the property is in serious disprepair, has become uninhabitable or unsanitary due to illness or hoarding, more specialist help may be needed including pest control and rubbish clearance. In cases like these we may need to refer you on to other more appropriate sources of support. 


If you would like to know more about how we can help with house clearance, the best way forward is to 

contact us and we can arrange a time to have a call. 

"I absolutely love, Claire and Sue, they are amazing, I have a house now on the market. I would 100% recommend these wonderful ladies to do decluttering, clearing and house moves"
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