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So why do people hire professional declutterers?

When we meet new people at social or business events, we find that they are often fascinated by what we do for a living. Some people are surprised that professional declutterers are even a "thing", others think we must be some kind of Cotswolds version of Marie Kondo, while others think that decluttering is only for hoarders. 

Some people are surprised that professional declutterers are even a "thing", others think we must be some kind of Cotswolds version of Marie Kondo, while others think that decluttering is only for hoarders. 

Many seem surprised to find that people actually pay us to come into their homes to help them with decluttering or organising. However our full appointment book is evidence that they do!  So why DO people hire us as professional declutterers - what is that we bring to the party? 

A fresh perspective - when you live in a house day in day out, its easy to find yourself getting into a rut - that chair is in that corner because it's always been there, that pile of papers lives on the side because there's nowhere else for it to go. When we come into your home we see it with new eyes. We are able to look past the way things are now and see how they could be instead. Our clients are often surprised how easy it can be to change the look and feel of a room just by moving things around or repurposing what they already have. 

Energy - since we come as a pair, we bring two extra pairs of hands. As the saying goes, many hands make light work and our clients are often surprised by how much we can get done in a relatively short space of time. Decluttering can be hard work, but working as a team helps keep everyone motivated. 

Focus - decluttering has the potential to feel overwhelming. If there is a lot to do its easy to feel that you can't "see the wood for the trees".  We are able to help you keep things on track so that you get a good result in the time that we are with you. This helps to avoid that bogged down feeling you might get if you were trying to do it all by yourself. 

Objectivity - since we do not have the same emotional attachment to your belongings as you do, we are able to look at things much more impartially. We can be honest with you about what is worth keeping and what really ought to go, in a way that family members or friends may not be able to. Of course the final decision is always yours, but with a gentle nudge from us, you might find that decision is much easier to make. 

​Support - decluttering can be a surprisingly emotional process, especially when there has been some sort of change within the family, such as children going to university. We recognise that your personal belongings are not just "stuff", they are important to you, and that letting go can sometimes be difficult. We understand this, and while we will be encouraging, we promise never to put pressure on you or force you to go at a faster pace than you can cope with. 

Experience - whether it is clearing out a garage, moving house, or sorting out a cupboard, we've almost certainly done something like it before. We can often offer suggestions and ideas which you may not have thought of. And because we are used to decluttering and spend our days doing it, we are not easily fazed! 

Confidentiality - we are very aware that by inviting us into their homes, our clients are entrusting us with their most treasured possessions, including their family photos, momentoes, and personal paperwork. We are very respectful of this, and guarantee absolute confidentiality.

We hope this has given you some idea of the benefits of asking us to help you with your decluttering, house move, renovation, or other project. We promise to work with you as a team, to be friendly, supportive and encouraging. We enjoy what we do and the lovely feedback we get from our clients suggest that they enjoy the process of working with us too. 

If you're still not sure, feel free to contact us - perhaps give us a call for a no obligation chat, or even invite us round for a cup of tea so that we can have a look at what needs doing and give you a quote.  

Happy decluttering 

Sue & Claire xx

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