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How to stay sane during Lockdown

As declutterers we have come to realise that clutter and disorder in the home is often a reflection of the mental state of the person living there. What do we mean by that? Well, obviously the relationship is complex and just because someone lives in a cluttered or untidy house does not mean there is something wrong with them! Some people naturally prefer a more cosy homely style, others are more minimalist. And either way is absolutely fine so long as it works for you.

But we definitely do notice that a person’s living environment can reflect how they are feeling about life. So for example, someone who is feeling overwhelmed with “stuff” is often feeling overwhelmed about other aspects of their life too. Someone who is holding onto a lot of belongings may be holding onto feelings (often about the past) which they may not have properly processed. Someone who finds it hard to find things may be feeling a general lack of focus and find it hard to prioritise. And so on.

So how are you feeling about your living space now that we are in lockdown? If you’re anything like us, your home might be feeling crowded, cramped, and untidy. If you have children who are normally at playgroup or school you may be tearing your hair out trying to keep the house organised, homeschool your kids, work from home, entertain your pets, get enough exercise, get hold of food or other supplies…it’s a lot to cope with. And if you live alone you may simply be sick of the sight of the inside of your home! Add in the anxiety many of us are feeling about money, health, elderly relatives, etc and it’s no wonder you might be feeling muddled, cluttered or overwhelmed.