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How are you getting on with those New Years Resolutions?

So come on, be honest - how are you getting on with all those new years goals you set yourself? Are you making progress or are you feeling quite frankly stuck and overwhelmed?

Its' already coming up to the end of January and it's amazing isn't how after the holidays are over everyday life just seems to take over again. The school run, working, taking care of the house, doing your tax return...all the essential jobs that take up your time and stop you from working on the bigger goals.

And if you're like many of our clients, decluttering and sorting out the house is one of those jobs that always gets put on the back burner. That linen cupboard that's overflowing with towels...the garage piled high with recycling...the understairs cupboard that is like the land that time easy just to close the door and think you'll get around to it some other time.

And it's a funny thing but clutter in the house seems to also act like clutter in the mind. It seems to weigh you down. You feel muddled, always firefighting, unable to see the way forward.

There is a reason why the tradition of a "spring clean" developed. After the dark winter months, a good old fashioned clear out can be so energising. It literally lets light, space and energy flood the house.

Shedding clutter and chaos really clears the mind, and frees up mental space to focus on what's really important.

Starting a new business? Moving house? Getting fit? Whatever your goals, we guarantee that decluttering and organising your physical environment will benefit you in ways you never thought possible.