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5 quick decluttering fixes

Updated: Oct 4, 2021

If like us you are staying home for the duration, we hope you are healthy and well and coming to terms with your enforced downtime.

It seems like many people are using this time to get on with all those little tasks they have always meant to do, whether it be creative or DIY. And certainly in our little part of the world the sun is shining which makes it a great time to get out in the garden.

For many people this is a great opportunity to make a start on some of those decluttering jobs that always seem to be put off for another day.

However we know from experience that trying to declutter the whole house (or even a whole room) in one go can feel simply overwhelming. We always advise starting with something small and achievable. We all have one area of the house that just never feels quite right - maybe it's that odds and ends drawer in the kitchen that you can never close properly, or the overflowing coat cupboard in the hall.

Whatever it is, choose something achievable, something you can do in an hour or less but that will make you feel good, something that will improve your daily life just a little bit.

Here are our suggestions for 5 quick fixes to tackle today. None of them should take long but you should feel a whole lot better afterwards. Don't forget to comment on our Facebook or Instagram and let us know what you've been up to!

1. Your salad drawer

Come on, we know how it is - that bit of lettuce that's seen better days, those limp old carrots. Maybe you even have things in there that are growing other things!