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Take the Stress Out of Moving House

Updated: Feb 5, 2022

Moving house can be a daunting prospect, from sorting through your belongings, finding a removal company and deciding where all your belongings will go in your new home.

Having moved house ourselves and helped many clients through the process we have found that a methodical, organised approach is definitely the least stressful. So here are our top tips for achieving a stress free move.

Before even putting your house on the market, we strongly suggest that you start with a really good declutter. Not only will this help you attract the right buyers and get the best price for your property, but it will also help make the move itself much simpler.

Remember, this is not only about making your current home look spacious and uncluttered is it also about the fact you do not want to be unpacking things in your new home which you no longer need and you certainly do not want to be paying packers to pack and move them for you.

If the thought of this overwhelms you, just take a breath and take one room, one cupboard at a time, remove unwanted items to a shed or garage location until you can take them to a charity shop or get them sold. Remember, sorting and decluttering is not something you can complete in a day, so do small amounts each day, clear up after each session and you will get to the end quicker than you might imagine.

So, your house is sold and you have a move date to your new home. What will you take and where will it all go?

Walk into each room, list the furniture, larger ornaments and pictures. When you have listed all these things, sit down with the floor plan of the house you are moving to and decide what furniture you will put where. You can be as detailed as you choose here, by taking measurements of furniture and rooms. You could even cut out the scaled shapes of the furniture and move them around on your floor plan until you are happy, although this may be a step too far for some of us!

If there are any large items you have decided not to take with you, you could ask family and friends if they would like them, sell them or give them