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Guest Blog: Making Bread - with Beetroot and Pickles

This week we are delighted to publish our first guest blog, written by the lovely Sadie of @beetrootandpicklesbakery. We have known Sadie for a long time, and she embodies the true meaning of sustainability and self sufficiency, which are very close to our hearts. As Cotswolds based declutterers and organisers we are always keen to promote other local businesses who share our values, and we know that Sadie certainly does. We hope you enjoy reading about her bread, and if you would like to taste it for yourself, do get in touch with her directly or even better go along to one of the many markets and events where she has her stall.


Hello, Im Beetroot & Pickles Bakery! I make bread. I’m probably what’s known these days as an artistan and baker, but I don’t look at it like that because I just bake bread. I get told off for saying ‘just’ but that’s how I look at it. I feel blessed that I’m able to bake bread and sell bread, that people like to buy because they enjoy it. It’s a real gift for me to be able to provide that service . I run a micro bakery, from my home kitchen. I have three ovens that I do all my baking in. It takes probably 8 to 10 hours to get the yeasted bread ready for market. The sourdough however has to be started at least 24 hours before. I buy my flour from Frank Matthews because it’s sustainable as their mill is nearby. One of the requirements for farmers markets is they like you to use local produce which is fantastic because it promotes more bias to your product from customers if they know your product is very local. When I’m at a market and people come up to the stall , you know the facial expressions on people, they say oooh what have you got? And I talk them through each lot of loaves, what they are ,what it contains , and what it’s called ,one of them being the seedy seeded because it’s full of seeds and has heaps of seeds on top, we talk all the way through the stall and I tell them the flavours, knowing full well they've already decided which they're having! I’ll be saying the sourdough flavours which may be chilli and cheddar or lemon curd and poppyseed or beetroot and cheese or seeded, I always try to do a beetroot loaf of some description at most markets, it’s a little signature sourdough nod to the beetroot. I actually think one of my favourite parts of baking is I rarely make specific plans on what flavours I’m going to do when I’m making bread - yes I make the standard wholemeal, I make standard white I make spelt, I make malted or granary, but I love making flavoured loaves. I often don’t know how I’m going to combine things either, I might walk round the shop and something might take my eye and I’ll think "oh that would go really well with some such and such, I wonder if I can get that?" and then from there I might have another idea about something else and you know thats how my bread combinations go for me. I’m a real foodie and I really enjoy putting the flavours together. I’ll literally be wandering round the shop, I’ll see some Stilton, and I’ll think "oh I’ll have that" and I’m gonna go and grab a pear ,maybe some walnuts and I’ll do a stilton, pear and walnut sourdough that day for that market. I don’t think I’ve done two markets with exactly the same bread on my table. I know I haven’t. I love the opportunity to mix up and trial so much and to cook, to cook beautiful bread. I really have fun with it! Then when I’m making yeasted bread I like to try out shapes and twists - I did a pull apart Nutella loaf, they flew off the table that day. Folk have forgotten what bread is all about you see these sliced loaves in their plastic bags and you know for a convenience for your half hour lunch break its great, but that’s not what about bread is about, its for sitting down and having a meal with people you love or sharing or you know it’s about eating something in an atmosphere that should be enjoyable and you notice you’re eating it! I do markets all over the place, driving up to about an hour away. Recently Ive been very fortunate to have gotten a pitch at Berkeley Castle which I’m absolutely thrilled about, that’s one of the monthly markets I do. Which gives me opportunity to also do local village fetes and such events. You can find me on Facebook and you can find me on Instagram and you can contact me on either of those platforms - both of which will have details of what markets I’m at and where you can find me! Thanks so much for reading hopefully I will see you at one of my markets! Big love Sadie Beetroot&Pickles Bakery

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