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Professional declutterers - are we your worst nightmare?

Are you intrigued by the thought of hiring a professional declutterer but worry about the process or what is involved?

Or, do you have a partner or other family member who is reluctant?

It’s very common to feel a bit apprehensive about something new especially when it involves other people coming into your home. However rest assured that we have come across most of the fears and objections before, and we won’t take it personally!

Here are some of the reasons people might be reluctant to use declutterers such as ourselves, and some thoughts from us which might help to address those concerns.

And don’t forget that if you’re still unsure, we’re always very happy to come and see you for a pre-visit or to have a Zoom or Facetime call so that you can meet us and discuss anything that might be worrying you.


Objection 1 – “they’ll make me throw away all my stuff”