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Wishing you a Clutter Free Christmas

I don’t know about you but in the days following the Christmas festivities I am always keen to find homes in the childrens bedroom for all their new toys and gifts.  In a room that is already ‘well stocked’ this can be tricky. 

Here are few ideas that may help in the approach to Christmas.Get hold of some storage boxes.Book an agreed amount of time with your child, say 90 minutes, to go through what they do and don’t play with, in their room.  If this seems too big a task, choose one area at a time ie soft toys or books.  Set a timer for this if need be, but try not to go over the allotted time or things could get fraught.  Remember to leave a little time for tidying up at the end, you don’t want to feel in more of a muddle than when you started.Of the items they do not play with, agree to either give to someone you know may enjoy it, give to a charity shop, sell or if they are unwilling to part with it yet, put in a box to store in a loft or garage.  If your child is reluctant to part with their unwanted toys try explaining the benefits to others of giving to a charity shop.Any agreed items for being given away, put straight into the boot of the car to go to next owner.  Out of sight, out of mind!Sort through the things your child wants to keep and get them to help find places for these in their room.  Use storage boxes to put all of one type of toy together, your child could make labels or pictures for these so they remember what’s in each box. Some of these ideas may seem obvious to you, but they really do work and if your child is part of the process they are more likely to keep it tidy, that’s got to be worth striving for.

Merry Christmas!


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