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The Story of Us (or how we became declutterers and what we love about it)

Updated: Apr 27, 2021

We are often asked how we met, and how we came to be declutterers. So for this weeks blog I thought I would write “the story of New Leaves”!

Otherwise known as Sue and Claire, we first met around 2007 when our children were at preschool. Both of us had only fairly recently moved to the Cotswolds, Sue from Surrey and myself from Singapore.

Before too long, circumstances led to us both working at the preschool and eventually, to us job sharing the role of leader. For both of us this was a somewhat unplanned career move, and I think we both initially thought it was temporary, but we ended up being there for 8 years!

During that time we became firm friends. As a small village preschool we only ever had a maximum of 12 children in a room probably only around 12 feet wide so in that very close environment we pretty much had to get along but we discovered a shared sense of humour, many things in common, and a joint love of tea! <