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Our Top 10 Reasons to Declutter

Updated: Feb 5, 2022

As professional declutterers we know there are many benefits to decluttering and many different reasons why people might want to embark on it.

However if you’re unconvinced, here are our top 10 reasons why decluttering can be a great idea. Decluttering:

#10. Helps you make better use of your space

If your rooms are full of clutter, you may not be making the most of your home. Decluttering means you can maximise the potential of your space and turn unusable storage into a functioning room. Box rooms can become nurseries or home offices, lofts could become bedrooms or playrooms, garages could be games rooms or even gyms …the list is endless.

#9. Enhances your enjoyment of your home

Whatever your preference in terms of décor, living in a cluttered environment can literally be a weight on your mind. It feels muddled, it feels stressful, it can be frustrating. A decluttered home is so much easier to take care of and so much calmer and more relaxing to spend time in. (Decluttered needn’t mean empty and soulless by the way - it’s not just about having less stuff, it’s about getting more out of the stuff you have).

#8. Saves you money

If you declutter, not only could you potentially sell your unwanted stuff and make a little cash, but you can save money by not having duplicates. You’d be amazed how many of our clients have gone out to buy something because they couldn’t find something they already had – from children’s swimwear to power tools! Renting or borrowing things you don’t use often can also be a much more cost effective way of accessing what you need.

#7. Saves you time

How much time do you waste in the average week looking for stuff you know you have “somewhere” in the house? How much time does it take your family to get ready and get out of the door in the morning? Having an organised home makes all of this so much easier.

#6. Reduces stress

Clutter is stressful – it gets in the way, it makes keeping the house tidy so much more difficult, it makes it difficult to find things, you can trip over it….imagine how much less stress you could have if your home felt calm and orderly and everything had a place?

#5. Helps you live more sustainably

Clutter is inherently wasteful and buying more than you need is just money down the drain. All that stuff in your home that you never use took scarce resources to make it, ship it, and sell it. Not only that but your own precious time and money was used in acquiring that clutter.

Sadly, if you sell, you rarely get back what you invested, and not everything can be recycled or donated. That’s not a reason for hanging on to clutter by the way– the money is already gone!

#4. Helps your family when you are gone

This is a tricky one – none of us really like to think about the day when we shuffle off this mortal coil. However we know from experience how many people are left sorting out their parents belongings after they are gone – adding an additional burden to the grief of loss. Think of decluttering as a gift to those you leave behind – by leaving your things in an orderly state you can make sure anything precious makes it way to your loved ones, while saving them anxiety, stress and hassle.

#3 Means you can look forward to visitors, not fear them!

Ever felt embarrassed when someone is coming round? Ever panicked and run round tidying when the landlord is coming or your mum is coming round for a cuppa? Living clutter free takes away all that stress.

#2. Can improve your physical health

A cluttered home is hard to keep clean, and can increase the chances of having dust, moulds, insects and even vermin like mice. This can be hazardous to your health especially if you have allergies or breathing issues like asthma. Decluttering makes it so much easier to keep your home clean and fresh.

#1. improves your mental health

It might seem a bold claim, but we’ve seen this time and time again. People who feel anxious, who suffer from depression, who are stressed and overwhelmed, tell us they feel so much better after decluttering. Our clients have told us they feel lighter, more energised, calmer, more in control. What’s not to like?!

So if you are feeling inspired, and would like to experience the benefits of decluttering for yourself, why not get in touch to talk it through?

We’ve been decluttering since 2015 and there’s not much that fazes us, we promise to be friendly, professional, and non-judgemental.

We’re more than happy to have a no obligation chat with you on the phone, or maybe even pop round for a look see to share some ideas. We look forward to hearing from you!

Claire & Sue

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