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Our Top 10 Reasons to Declutter

Updated: Feb 5, 2022

As professional declutterers we know there are many benefits to decluttering and many different reasons why people might want to embark on it.

However if you’re unconvinced, here are our top 10 reasons why decluttering can be a great idea. Decluttering:

#10. Helps you make better use of your space

If your rooms are full of clutter, you may not be making the most of your home. Decluttering means you can maximise the potential of your space and turn unusable storage into a functioning room. Box rooms can become nurseries or home offices, lofts could become bedrooms or playrooms, garages could be games rooms or even gyms …the list is endless.

#9. Enhances your enjoyment of your home

Whatever your preference in terms of décor, living in a cluttered environment can literally be a weight on your mind. It feels muddled, it feels stressful, it can be frustrating. A decluttered home is so much easier to take care of and so much calmer and more relaxing to spend time in. (Decluttered needn’t mean empty and soulless by the way - it’s not just about having less stuff, it’s about getting more out of the stuff you have).

#8. Saves you money

If you declutter, not only could you potentially sell your unwanted stuff and make a little cash, but you can save money by not having duplicates. You’d be amazed how many of our clients have gone out to buy something because they couldn’t find something they already had – from children’s swimwear to power tools! Renting or borrowing things you don’t use often can also be a much more cost effective way of accessing what you need.