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Have You Lost Your Decluttering MoJo?

At the time of writing here in England we are in the middle of our third national lockdown.

It’s also the beginning of February, the weather is cold and grey, and it all just feels a little bit flat.

We noticed last year during the first lockdown that there was a bit of a craze for decluttering – along with other worthy projects like getting fit and baking bread. This time, not so much. It’s as if we have all just run out of enthusiasm.

Now one of our core beliefs is that clutter in your home is connected to clutter in your mind. If you’re feeling muddled or stuck, lacking focus, or unable to move forward, it could be that a really good decluttering session is exactly what you need. But we totally understand that when you are feeling a bit flat, it’s quite hard to summon up the energy.