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Clutter and ADHD

When it comes to managing clutter and being organised, do any of these seem familiar to you?

“I find mess and disorder incredibly stressful but just can't get on top of it”

“I’m so disorganised, I’m always losing things or forgetting appointments”

“I tend to make impulsive purchases of things I don’t need”

“I find it really difficult to focus on projects that take a long time to complete”

“When I’m decluttering, I find myself getting distracted by things like old photos or letters and lose sight of the big picture”

“I have difficulty finishing a decluttering project, I tend to get frustrated and give up”

If you recognise yourself in any of these descriptions, then you are not alone.

We have been decluttering professionally since 2015 and one of the things we have noticed is that some people simply seem to find decluttering and organising much more difficult than others. Just as some people are artistic and others are not, or some people love maths while others hate it, so it is with keeping on top of household organisation.

In recent months it has come to light that some of our clients who seem to struggle the most, have in fact been diagnosed with ADHD (attention deficit hyperactivity disorder). In most cases they have been given this diagnosis as an adult, rather than having known about it since childhood.