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If you are looking to sell the home you currently live in, home staging is largely about presentation, ensuring that your house stands out in the listings and attracts the best buyers. 


The goal here is to ensure that your property sells quickly and for the best price.


Staging also means that your property will be on the market for less time, meaning fewer viewings for you and less stress and upheaval for your family. 

Homeowners - how to sell your home quickly and easily 

If you are looking to sell the home you currently live in, home staging is all about making the most of the home you have in order to maximise the sale value. 


According to a survey conducted by Rightmove, homes that are staged for sale will fetch on average 8% more than homes which are not staged. We are sure you will agree that on that basis, home staging definitely makes sense. 

The first step towards staging your home is to book a Home Staging Consultation with us in your home (this can also be done remotely if you prefer over Zoom or FaceTime).

This consultation takes up to 2 hours. During the consultation we will do a full walk around of your home, taking pictures and making notes. The consultation will include all accessible rooms in the home, as well as the garden and outside areas. We may be able to make some immediate suggestions you can implement straight away.


Following the consultation you will receive a detailed Home Staging Report which is yours to keep whatever you decide.  The report will include a detailed list room by room of our recommendations.  The consultation and report together costs £195. 

One you have received and read the report, you can then choose to implement our recommendations yourself, or if you prefer, we can carry out the recommendations for you for an additional fee. The fee will be clearly outlined in the report. 

Because we bring a "fresh eye", you will be surprised what can often be done with what you already own.  This may include arranging furniture, tidying and organising your belongings, packing away personal items, and placing your furnishings and accessories. 


Where we feel that your home would benefit from the addition of specific decorative items or accessories we can recommend some cost-effective solutions for you. 

If we feel that additional work is needed such as redecoration of any rooms, we will let you know and can recommend tradesmen who can complete these works for you. 

Sometimes we come across clients who have to sell a property that is either empty or is in less than desirable condition - perhaps because it is a probate sale, or because the owner has already moved into a care home or other facility. 

In cases such as these, we can work with you to declutter the property and ensure it is presented at its best. You would be amazed at the difference it can make to  clear the property, organise a deep clean and some light redecoration, followed by "dressing" the property with some carefully chosen accessories.

Find Out More 

If you would like to find out more about our home styling and staging services, the best way forward is to book some time in our diary here for a free telephone consultation. We can thoroughly explore your goals and objectives and arrange a suitable time for us to come and conduct our home staging survey. 

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